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Alkoholische Getränke

Wine, per glass
White, Red or Rosé € 2,55

Wine, bottle
White, Red or Rosé € 11,20

White wine

'Klein Avontuur'
Country: South Africa
Grape: Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon blanc, Viognier
This blend of three grapes has a beautiful bright, yellow, colour.
The scent has clear tones of tropical fruit with a slight hint of Muscat aromas

Red whine

'Doringboom, Rooi'
Country: South Africa
Grape: 70% Merlot, 15% Ruby Cabernet, 15% Cinsaut
A soft wine in perfect balance, with a delicious scent of plums and blackcurrants.

'La Borie'
Country: France
Grape: Merlot
Full, powerful, aroma with red and black berries.
A fresh wine where the red berries, like cranberry, are determining.

Rosé wine

'Doringboom, Rosé'
Country: South Africa
Grape: Shiraz
Beautiful full rosé wine, with fresh tones and clear hints of young, red, fruit.

'La Borie'
Country: France
Grape: Grenache
Ruby red rosé wine, very fruity with the aroma of fresh, red, fruit.

Beer on bottle

Grolsch (30 cl)
€ 2,25

Grolsch (45 cl)
€ 2,80

Grolsch 'Weizen' (30 cl)
€ 2,80
A powerful, full, beer with freshness of lemon, brewed for centuries-old tradition according to the Beer Purity Law, with pure ingredients.

Seasonal Beer

Grolsch 'Lentebok'
€ 2,80
A seasonal beer with a slightly sweet taste, which is in balance with the citrus flavor: deliciously fresh with spicy tones.

Alcohol-free beer

Grolsch 'Radler'
€ 2,00 
A mix of 40% real Grolsch beer with real fruit juice with the refreshing taste of lemon.

Grolsch Stender, 'malt'
€ 2,00
Stender naturel is naturally brewed with selected barley malt, spicy hop and sparkling water.

Special beer

€ 3,50
Where smoke is, fire was! This Porter (from Groningen!) gets its smoky character through the use of smoked and roasted malt.

Distilled drinks

Bacardi Breezer, lime or orange
€ 2,55


The special beer from Groningen:
The 'Baxbier'.